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Shaking Water Bath Order No 1083

Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation.
Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C temporal at 50 °C.
Optimum temperature distribution throughout the whole bath interior.
Digital temperature readout and setting via LED display, in steps of 0.1 °C.
Soft-touch keys with characteristic symbols.
Electronic monitoring; in case of fault, cause is reported on display.
Two independently working over-temperature protections.
Maintenance-free and low-wear shaking mechanism, continuously adjustable electronic speed control, gentle start-up.
Constant speed, independent of load.
The shaking device is guided on corrosion-resistant special ball bearings.
Easily removable shaking rack.
Thermal insulating and double-walled arched lid prevents twisting and dropping back of condensed water into the test tubes.
Bath interior and shaking rack made of stainless steel.
Corrosion proof exterior housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated.
Drain cock at the back of the bath.
The pictured accessories are not included in the unit’s standard scope of supply.

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